4. Juni 2018

Das Mikrodosing Tagebuch eines Comedians

Willkommen zu meinem Microdosing Tagebuch. Falls du noch nie von Mikrodosing gehört hast, lass es mir dir schnell erklären: Beim Microdosing wird über einen längeren Zeitraum […]
2. Mai 2018

Holotropic Breathing and why I like it

Have you ever heard of holotropic breathing? If one of your hobbies is trying to solve problems that you created in the first place, this might […]
18. Dezember 2017

I’m so full of shit

Something inside myself insists heavly on not writing this and I don’t feel comfortable saying this but I just realised how full of shit I am. […]
17. Oktober 2017

How to start a revolution inside yourself being grateful

Hey guys ! After people gave me shit & love for my last article, this time a little less provocative subject: Gratefulness. Less provocative but at […]
10. Oktober 2017

How I fooled myself using psychedelics

Don’t worry This won’t be an „anti – psychedelics“ post. As someone who lived for 7 months in the peruvian rainforest, having had about 100 ceremonies […]
8. Juli 2017

How to stay cool whatever happens around you

How often do you complain about the way things are? How often do you suffer? How often do you resist the circumstances?   You know what […]
26. Juni 2017

Traps on the spiritual path

Working on having a deeper connection with your self using spiritual techniques is great. Reading books, articles and attending in workshops can really help you on […]
8. Juni 2017

The self – confidence trap

The self confidence trap I know the title is kind of a clickbait but there is something true behind it.   Back in the days, a […]
7. Juni 2017

Radical Honesty and how it changes everything

Maybe you have heard of Radical Honesty already? If not,the name says it all: It’s about dealing in an honest way with ourselves and the people […]
6. Juni 2017

Psychedelics and how to work with them

The first time I got in touch with psychedelics was when I was probably 16. My friend and I took magic mushrooms. I was already prepared: […]