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How to start a revolution inside yourself being grateful

Hey guys ! After people gave me shit & love for my last article, this time a little less provocative subject: Gratefulness. Less provocative but at least as important. After months of constantly making gratefulness a subject of my daily meditation, my reality starts shifting and so will yours as you start and keep practicing it.


What’s the benefit of being grateful?

There are actually several benefits to it. If you never heard about the law of attraction (which I doubt since it became a thing even to people who wouldn’t relate to themselves as very spiritual), then this might sound a little confusing to you:

Being grateful makes you realize how blessed you are, which leads to a multiplication of the good shit in your life.

Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, this is my observation but this is what happened to me after a longer time period of excessive practice of gratefulness. I feel happier, I notice how many great things there are in my life. And here is the really interesting  thing: The more I actually sit down, meditate and willingly choose to feel happy about how things are, the better things get. Suddenly opportunities open up that I wouldn’t have even thought of. Money comes out of nowhere. I suddenly meet great people and I get along with myself so much better than before.

Life is full of gifts that we miss out on because for our ego’s it’s never enough. There is a part inside yourself that will never be satisfied with what you have. And that is okay. You don’t need to change that part. Allow that part to not be satisfied because that’s all this part can do.


Here is good news

There is a part inside yourself that is in love and peace with what is right now. And you can cultivate your awareness of this part by choosing to look at things through his eyes and feel his way.

Seriously, there is so much good stuff in our lives that we seem to miss out on. You have clothes? You have food? You are physically free? You are healthy?

Jesus, that’s fucking great !! Isn’t that something you could be grateful for? Maybe your mind starts bitching now like: „Pff, grateful? For what? My life sucks. I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough sex, other people do way better than me. They travel around, make money doing what they love, they are popular…just check Lisa’s pictures on Facebook. You see how happy she is?!”


Accept that voice

You can’t change the bitchy voice in your head and you don’t need to. The job of the bitchy voice is to be bitchy. That’s its job and that’s all it is ever going to do. And it’s okay. Let it be there.


Hands down on gratefulness: How to practice it

Well, maybe sounds a little easy but that’s how it goes: Be grateful. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. With time, it becomes easier and easier. Making gratefulness part of your meditation is super powerful. Sit down, close your eyes and start feeling the feeling of gratefulness. If it feels hard for you to feel that feeling, just remember a situation you felt very grateful. If you got that feeling, cultivate it. Make it stronger. Take a bath in it.


Go on practicing it throughout your day

You’re walking around. Sunshine hits your body? Awesome ! Sun is awesome, isn’t it? What a shiny gift. Thanks god or whoever the fuck is in charge of that! You meet a good friend? Thanks! Good friends are good to have ! Thanks !! You walk down stairs? Jesus, I have 2 healthy legs ! That’s insane! Oh how I love my 2 legs just walking for me! Thank you legs, you’re doing a great job. There’s 10 bucks on your bank account? Thank you Jesus, 10 bucks is better than zero bucks! I love having 10 bucks! Thanks for the 10 bucks! You could go on like this forever.


Be grateful for your problems

There is something good in everything, even in your problems. The biggest problem about our problems is  the way we look at them. The way we look at things is the actual problem creator. Let’s say you have financial issues and now you’re railing against your situation. What was first? The actual result on the outside (little money) or the dissatisfaction on the inside? Speaking of the problem on the outside as a result, you can predict the answer. The perceiver of lack is the creator of lack. Think about that.

Normally we look at things that way: There is a problem (little money or whatever) and there is the dissatisfied, worrying part that looks like it wants to solve the problem. Why can’t that work? You can’t solve a problem in a state that actually created the situation in the first place.

This is why being grateful for your problems is a revolutionary act to your entire world. Saying thank you to something where you once saw nothing but lack and depression will in the long run transform the situation for the better. Be grateful. If you experience something that you label as negative, then there is a reason for it: You manifested it. You chose to experience this. Your experiences are the children of the choices you once took about what you want to experience on the mental, emotional and the physical level. You might have chosen unwisely and unconsciously but everything you go through at the moment is exactly what you manifested.

Don’t confuse being grateful for your situation with trying to make your situation look rosy / setting up a fakey happy attitude about how things are. No. I’m talking about looking at something, allowing oneself to come up all possible thoughts and emotions about the situation and be grateful for them. It’s a shift of your perspective. In every bad there is a good. And the more you practice gratefulness, the more you enable yourself to see the good and let the good unfold or better said:

The less you remain in a state of bitching, the more you enter a state of being that allows the ideal version of a situation (which is always existent in the unlimited space of possibilities) to come into place.

Amen, Motherfucker

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